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on an
african rhythm:

safi faye

Born in 1943 in the serer land of Senegal, Safi Faye passed away last February. In this tribute to the one they describe as “A Cinematic Griot”, CHRYSTEL OLOUKOÏ, film critic, programmer, and PhD candidate at Harvard University, shares some reflections on the brilliance of her life and oeuvre, guided by a radical and daring urge to make films on her own terms, at her own pace, as a black african and serer woman.

mélo & congo


A year ago, Tiakola unveiled Mélo, one of the most anticipated French rap albums of 2022. The success of this first solo opus makes the young 23-year-old artist a key figure in the French-speaking musical landscape today.

Although Air Afrique just resurged in Paris, this debut issue takes readers on a captivating journey to Abidjan, Dakar, Seine-Saint-Denis and Martinique.

love & drama in abidjan

paul kodjo

souleymane bachir

In this interview, |air|afrique| invites Senegalese philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Professor at Columbia University in New York, to look back on his intellectual trajectory and reflection throughout the different geographies that shaped him. From Saint-Louis in Senegal, to Paris in France, and then to New York in the United States, this geographical profile introduces us to a plural, decolonized, global reflection on the Universal.

Dancehall Music in Martinique

twists and turns

abidjan formes urbaines

François-Xavier Gbré



«Goal Bafana Bafana! Goal for South Africa! Goal for all Africa!» were the words of British sports commentator Peter Drury on June 11, 2010 when Siphiwe Tshabalala scored the opening goal of the World Cup in South Africa.

In conversation with

Maymouna Baradji,

Kadi Mallé

and Nora Diaby

Maymouna Baradji, Stargate, 29.7×40cm, 2021

Maymouna Baradji and Kadi Mallé discuss with curator Nora Diaby the themes and reflections encompassed in their young practice: Mali, family archives, transmission, Black women and orality through the figure of the griotte or Djeli in Bambara. This conversation is accompanied with a portfolio of their work.

Élodie Dérond
and Tania Doumbe Fines

Ibiyanε‒to know one another in Batanga (people from the southern province of Cameroon) ‒is more than just a name, it is the emanation of a four handed spell. The ongoing collaboration between Elodie Dérond and Tania Doumbe Fines, respectively natives from Martinique and Cameroon, mobilizes embodied Afroepistemologies to urge us to improvise towards liberatory living conditions for all.

Portrait de Élodie Dérond et Tania Doumbe

Rediscovering Air Afrique:
A tale of Inter-African Cooperation

Mody Diop

How could we tell Air Afrique’s tale? This dossier aims to give the floor to those who made its history, allowing them to share with us what Air Afrique meant to them, and offering an insight into the exceptional demonstration of inter-African solidarity that this airline embodied.

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